How to use virtual worlds in your L&D practice – a 4-week introductory online course November 28, 2016 March 28, 2017 Gill Brabner

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Who is this for?

Anyone working in the field of learning and development who is interested in exploring the benefits and opportunities for learning presented by virtual worlds.  It is suitable for learners with or without prior knowledge of virtual environments for learning.  You just need an open mind and willingness to experience something new and share your learning.

  • My time in the virtual world environment has provided me with a great insight as to how this form of technology and environment holds real possibility for training and learning purposes.
  • Going into the sessions with no previous experience in virtual worlds and virtual reality I was really surprised at how quickly I felt immersed in the world and able to freely communicate and engage with the others there. The software is also very easy to navigate.
  • The Resound Training team were incredibly friendly and helpful as I negotiated through the first learning steps in the world. The engagement task they planned to allow you to explore the world and its potential in training and learning were fun as well as relevant.
  • I have come away from the course with some real possibilities of how this environment may help engagement and training with Health Care Professionals in a way an exciting new way.

Here are some benefits to attending:

  • Ideal introduction to virtual worlds
  • Get first-hand experience of being in world
  • Play a group game
  • Learn how virtual worlds can be used to deliver training and development

What does it cost?

Nothing.  This is a pilot course.  There is no charge and you do not need to purchase any books or other resources.  We will reference some leading practitioners in this field to support our discussions on Noddlepod (our online forum) and provide a range of video links for you to explore.

How much time will it take to complete the course?

It is structured over 4 weeks and you will have the opportunity to participate in 2 live sessions in our virtual world each week, one evening and one afternoon.  You will need to attend one of these sessions, but are welcome to join both, and contribute to the online discussions.  You will need 2-3 hours per week.

Tech requirements

Our virtual world is accessed via Firestorm which is free to download.  You will need headphones for the voice facility and a good internet connection.

Tell me more about the virtual space

We have our own island on opensim.  This means that we control who can access this space, unlike Second Life which is open to all. The design of our island was inspired by learning conversations we have had in Mediterranean cafes overlooking the sea.  We wanted to create a beautiful space unlike many work environments, that encourages visitors to relax, have fun and engage in meaningful conversations. The space has a garden room where we meet as a group and 4 cafes which act as breakout rooms.

What you’ll learn

Here is a week by week overview of this course

 Week 1 – Identity

Welcome to Resound’s virtual world and Noddlepod

This week is about the practicalities of logging in and finding your way around our virtual world, and customising your avatar.  Using avatars provides an ideal opportunity to engage learners with the notion of identity and how they think of themselves in relation to the subject they are studying.

  • Reading and asynchronous discussions will take place in a Noddlepod group, our online platform.
  • References for this week:

Gee J. P.  (2007) What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy Palgrave Macmillan New York

Week 2 – Movement and Communication

These are two important skills to master in the virtual world.  We will be exploring the space by flying and teleporting and communicating via chat and voice. We will also think about the importance of curiosity in learning and the idea that learning is messy.

  • Reading and asynchronous discussions will take place in a Noddlepod group, our online platform.
  • References for this week:

McGonigal J., Reality is Broken (2011) Vintage London

Week 3 – The importance of play in learning

This week we will play our Treasure Hunt game and think about the role of play and playfulness in learning.

  • Reading and asynchronous discussions will take place in a Noddlepod group, our online platform.
  • References for this week:

Week 4 –  Using virtual worlds for work-place learning

This week we will focus on using the virtual world for a range of individual and group learning sessions such as 1:1 and team coaching and ILM qualifications.  We will use notecards to build an evidence base of our work. We will spend some time evaluating the course.

  • Reading and asynchronous discussions will take place in a Noddlepod group, our online platform.

Next steps

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