Learning can be fun! August 26, 2015 January 25, 2017 Gill Brabner

Humour is an important weapon in the arsenal of many L&D practitioners as it is an effective way to engage people, make a vital point which learners need to retain, lessen tension and anxiety and allow people to relax, enabling them to focus.

Drama-based learning and video are ideal mediums for humour and emotional engagement and whilst it is important to get the balance right between education and entertainment, we find that delegates want to enjoy their learning.

And digital learning now provides scope for the use of animation, comic strips, cartoon and drawing to help learners engage with management and leadership topics that previously may have been delivered in a dull classroom format. And here’s a thought provoking article on how one English teacher is using twitter to help undergraduates engage with key texts.

Learning can be fun!

This short video shows one of our conference audiences having a lot of fun re-directing an encounter between an optometrist and a patient – oh and making some important learning points at the same time.