Designing a virtual world for learning August 24, 2015 January 25, 2017 Gill Brabner

If you could choose an ideal space in which to have learning conversations, what would it look like?

Would it look like a corporate training room, a conference centre in a city or perhaps a hotel in beautiful countryside?  Or would you allow yourself to be a little more creative, and a lot less expensive?

That’s the question we asked ourselves recently when commissioning our virtual learning world from Hao2.  We have delivered training sessions in all sorts of venues and spaces, from iconic heritage sites and 5 star luxury to dilapidated halls and provide-it-ourselves catering for learners!  We take our learning environments seriously as we know how it can impact on the experience for people attending our courses.

So when we sat down to design a virtual space we decided that it didn’t need to look like a white box in an office block!  We let our imaginations take us to a place where we would love to work.  Somewhere beautiful, with comfortable seating, interesting to explore with lots of separate spaces for groups and a large space to bring groups together.  We wanted a view over the Mediterranean sea and the luxury of a swimming pool on hand too! We asked for mountains in the distance and enough space to fly round.  And we even got our very own fountain that is always working!

And this is it!

Snapshot _ Your Parcel, Home (59, 57, 24) - General

Resound Training & Development Ltd – Virtual World













As well as being a beautiful space, the Resound Virtual World offers some exciting opportunities for learning.  These include using avatars to experiment with role-playing and having learning conversations, and it’s a fabulous way to bring a geographically dispersed team together in real time and for that group to reap the benefits of ‘being together’.

So to end at my beginning: What does your ideal learning space look like?  And where is it?